Respiratory in vitro 3D Model


The present case study has been realized in collaboration with Epithelix (Geneva,Switzerland).
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Quantitative analysis of mucin secretion in Goblet’s cells of 3D reconstructed human bronchial epithelial model (MucilAir™)

  • Mucin secretion was induced by an increase concentration gradient of IL-13 (0.1 to 30 ng/ml) applied in six MucilAir™ cultures respectively.
  • MucilAir™ specimen sections were stained with Alcian blue (A, D).
  • An accurate discrimination of mucin (B, E) and nuclei (C, F) components was performed directly and simultaneously on the original coloured image (A, D) of the respective specimens.
  • Subsequently an accurate quantitative analysis of mucin area, mucin optical density and cell nuclei was carried out for the respective IL13 concentrations.