Accuracy is a key advantage of our digital image analysis programs

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Accuracy is a key advantage of our digital image analysis programs

Accuracy is a key advantage of our digital image analysis program

Biocellvia has developed digital image analysis solutions for drug discovery during pre-clinical trials. The French start-up validated its breakthrough innovation with a scientific article with Boehringer Ingelheim in the well-known journal PlosOne. One of the great advantages of this technology is accuracy.

Accuracy is necessary in candidate molecule evaluation

Biocellvia has developed digital image analysis solutions in order to evaluate candidate molecules. Nowadays, the mainstream method in drug discovery is scoring method, based on qualitative evaluation performed manually and subjectively by the pathologist’s eye. This approach inevitably engenders variabilities because the results will surely differ from person to person.

Another issue of the scoring method is that it is carried out from subjectively selecting fields of view or ROIs (regions of interest), which is an additional source of variability. This is not ideal considering the heterogeneous distribution of pulmonary fibrosis for example.

Accuracy brings reliability

In order to evaluate better candidate molecules during pre-clinical trials, Biocellvia decided to develop digital image analysis solutions which analyze samples pixel per pixel. Our own method is based on machine-learning programs created by our R&D team.

Our tests enable investigators to realize studies without human intervention. Analyses are performed on whole sections without any manual annotation of the digital image. Our analyses are implemented entirely computationally, which allows total observer-independency. These characteristics render our tests extremely reproducible and therefore reliable.

The real efficacy of lead molecules

Biocellvia gives you more confidence in your preclinical efficacy studies. In fact, to set up preclinical models to mimick human disease, scientists often have to inject large doses of chemical inducers. This impairs the assessment of preclinical efficacy when the test animals are in poor physical conditions, and animal attrition decreases the statistical significance of the studies.

Because Biocellvia’s digital solutions are so sensitive, it allows scientists to use less chemical inducers in order to better observe the molecule’s effects. Consequently, by testing the molecules in healthier animals, the results arising from the in vivo studies are more reliable and useful to the scientists.

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