Biocellvia accelerates its R&D in oncology

Further validation for Biocellvia’s digital image analysis in new scientific article published by Gustave Roussy in collaboration with Biocellvia
Further validation for Biocellvia’s digital image analysis in new scientific article published by Gustave Roussy
mai 14, 2018
Biocellvia gears up for NASH
Biocellvia Gears Up For NASH !
juin 12, 2018
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Biocellvia accelerates its R&D in oncology

Biocellvia accelerates its R&D in oncology : lung cancer and breast cancer

Biocellvia is at the forefront of machine-learning based digital image analysis, and brings a unique and innovative solutions to the industry which will shorten and facilitate the drug discovery process. Currently, Biocellvia is focusing on developing disease-tailored programs for preclinical applications. The French startup first launched programs dedicated to respiratory diseases. Now Biocellvia concentrates its R&D in oncology – a significant and growing market worldwide.

Radiotherapy induced lung fibrosis

Biocellvia collaborated with the team at Gustave Roussy, the premier European Cancer Center about lung fibrosis radio-induced. The results were summed up in a scientific article published in the European Respiratory Journal in April 2018.

In this paper, the authors set out to characterize infiltrating pulmonary macrophages in radiation-induced lung fibrosis (RIF), both from human lung biopsies from patients who have received chest radiotherapy, and also in a murine preclinical model after irradiation. One of the interesting findings of the paper is that the CSF1/CSFIR pathway emerged as a potential target for inhibiting RIF, raising exciting implications in future drug discovery research for pulmonary fibrosis patients.

Biocellvia deployed its intelligent, automated and digital histological image analysis program in order to contribute to the results by generating valuable quantitative data on the level of lung fibrosis observed in parenchymal tissues, based on H&E stained images.

R&D in oncology at full speed

In parallel of this strong collaboration with Gustave Roussy; Biocellvia has already begun its R&D efforts in lung cancer. Leveraging upon its experience and expertise in respiratory diseases (Pulmonary Fibrosis, Asthma, COPD), Biocellvia endeavors to create a new digital image analysis program dedicated to lung cancer. This first program in oncology is the springboard for Biocellvia towards further expanding its pipeline. Subsequently, Biocellvia will aim to concentrate its R&D efforts on breast cancer.

The global oncology market is expected to continue to growth rapidly due to factors such as an aging population and lifestyle changes predisposing to disease. According to the consultancy firm KPMG, the global oncology market is extrapolated to reach 160 billion USD by 2020, while on average it takes 1-2 billion USD to bring one cancer drug to market. Biocellvia’s digital image analysis programs enable rapid and accurate assessment of disease severity and treatment efficacy in the preclinical phase. The application of this breakthrough technology in the oncology space will become a powerful tool for drug developers and allow them to redirect and dedicate precious time and resources for the ultimate benefit of patients.

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