Biocellvia is a spotlight partner for IPF summit

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juillet 16, 2018
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Biocellvia is a spotlight partner for IPF summit

Biocellvia will take part in the IPF summit in San Francisco from August 20th to 22nd. This event will gather 100 worldwide experts on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Thanks to its breakthrough innovation in pulmonary fibrosis imaging in the preclinical phase, Biocellvia joins this year’s IPF summit as a spotlight partner.

Revolutionizing IPF drug discovery process

Biocellvia’s digital image analysis program dedicated to Pulmonary Fibrosis enables scientists to evaluate the efficacy of their molecules in preclinical models with very high accuracy and reliability. With its fully automated program, Biocellvia offers the only machine learning-based image analysis solution on the market which is completely observer-independent, and requires absolutely no manual annotation. Last but not least, this digital imaging technology is based on a multiparameter quantitative analysis that is more reliable and more accurate than traditional scoring methods based on the human eye.

Biocellvia’s advanced programs are provided as a service, and allow biotechs and pharma companies to reduce their costs of R&D and save precious time, and arm investigators with better quality data to make critical go/no go decisions with greater confidence. Through collaboration with Biocellvia, scientific teams working in the field of IPF have been able to accelerate their drug discovery process. This revolutionary technology was validated by the scientific publication with Boehringer Ingelheim in PLOS One.

Biocellvia leaping forward with boost from IPF Summit

This event is a great opportunity for Biocellvia. It will enable the French startup to increase its visibility and strengthen its reputation  in the IPF scientific community. This summit will attract more than 100 experts from all over the globe who are dedicated to combating this difficult disease. As a spotlight partner for the IPF summit, Biocellvia will be in an advantageous position to familiarize the scientific and industry community with its digital image analysis technology.

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