IPF summit : very good opportunities for Biocellvia

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juillet 27, 2018
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IPF summit : very good opportunities for Biocellvia

Biocellvia took part to the IPF summit in San Francisco from August 20th to 22nd. This event gathered more than 100 worldwide experts on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).Biocellvia joint this event as spotlight partner, and this special status enabled the french company to present its breakthrough innovation in preclinical imaging. Worldwide experts were very pleased to discover such solutions for digital image analysis.

Breakthrough innovation at the IPF summit

While lot of research is still focused on scoring methods, Biocellvia presented its breakthrough innovation for digital imaging in order to better evaluate the efficacy of compounds. Yvon Julé explained as speaker the main strong points of Biocellvia’s technology.

Among them, he highlighted publicly that Biocellvia’s results are performed on whole sections without any manual annotation of the digital image. Our analysis  are implemented entirely computationally, which allows total observer-independency.

Biocellvia’s technology which enables more reliability than scoring method was so one of the main innovations presented during this second IPF summit. This conference enabled best world IPF researchers to share their new discoveries, and Biocellvia to improve its reputation.

New opportunities for Biocellvia about IPF

Biocellvia’s breakthrough technology received a heartwarming welcome. All laboratories and contract research organizations (CRO) focused on IPF have been since this IPF summit very interested in our innovation. Olivier Julé had a lot of private meetings in order to provide Biocellvia’s services to companies in order to accelerate the drug discovery process at preclinical stage.

In fact, Biocellvia’s technology brings more rapidity too. With Biocellvia’s digital image analysis program which is completely automated, a full study (about two hundred images) is delivered to clients (analyzed images and all reports) in only 48 hours after scan reception. 48 hours with Biocellvia’s method instead of 3 months with scoring methods. For Olivier Julé, Biocellvia’s CEO who took part to the IPF summit, “Dozens of scientists involved in IPF research discovered Biocellvia’s solutions and are very pleased to resort to such an innovative technology.”. And M. Jule added “I got here very interesting contacts who will accelerate Biocellvia’s development”. The IPF summit seems to have been very positive for the french biotech !

I have a background as a researcher academic with more than 30 years of age experience. Professor at the "Mayo Clinic " (USA), I created the company Biocellvia in 2011 with my son Olivier Julé. During the creation of the box, I perceived the power of digital image analysis in the framework of the research, and the interest that they cause.

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