Biocellvia ended up successfully a business trip in san diego

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octobre 24, 2018
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février 28, 2019
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Biocellvia ended up successfully a business trip in san diego

Biocellvia ended up successfully a business trip in San Diego

Biocellvia was in San Diego in November 2018 for the second time of its existence (first time was in 2017 for the Bio International Convention). Biocellvia was selected to take part to a french delegation of 10 startups from Provence in order to export their technology in California, to find new clients or to prepare their company’s implantation in the USA. During this business trip, Biocellvia was supported by the San Diego French Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to its director, Gilles Bonkoski, Biocellvia benefited from a dedicated market research, business meetings with companies from pharmaceutical industry and testimonies from french entrepreneurs who succeeded in expanding their own business in California. The goal of this business trip is to make Biocellvia’s innovative technology well-known.

Business Trip in California

Biocellvia was one of the 4 startups from pharmaceutical sector selected to take part to this business trip in San Diego. The choice of San Diego is not left to chance. It’s the second american city in Biotech industry. The lifesciences GDP in California represents 317 billions dollars. This figure means great opportunities for Biocellvia who enables biotechs, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Big Pharmas to accelerate their R&D development by evaluating the efficacy of lead molecules at preclinical stage. This business trip enabled Biocellvia to meet its market directly. Olivier Julé, Biocellvia’s CEO, had dozens of meetings during 5 days with potential customers.

Biocellvia supported by strong partners

This business trip was organized by many local institutions : Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur , the regional agency for innovation and company’s exportations (ARII) and the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR Paca). These organizations were mobilized into this operation called California Business Starter dedicated to young companies which want to make business in San Diego. For Olivier Julé, Biocellvia’s CEO, this event was promising : “I met lots of companies very interested in our technology because we bring a breakthrough innovation that enables them to spend less time and money in research and development”.



I have a background as a researcher academic with more than 30 years of age experience. Professor at the "Mayo Clinic " (USA), I created the company Biocellvia in 2011 with my son Olivier Julé. During the creation of the box, I perceived the power of digital image analysis in the framework of the research, and the interest that they cause.

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