Biocellvia has begun its NASH assay development

Biocellvia went to the USA in order to meet its American Market (Boston and San Francisco)
Biocellvia flew to its American market in March 18
avril 13, 2018
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Biocellvia has begun its NASH assay development

Biocellvia gears up for NASH

Approximately 20% of the United States population have non-alcoholic fatty liver, and the number of people affected is increasing. In Europe, the population is more and more affected by this terrible disease which can deteriorate into liver cancer. Nowadays, about 20% of the US population is affected by NASH at different stages of the disease. Accordingly to specialists, this figure is grossly underestimated. The number of patients is expected to increase dramatically worldwide, mostly in Europe and America.

Biocellvia decided to begin its assay development for this liver pathology because of the fast development of this disease. In fact, no drug has ever been launched on the world market to cure NASH. Biocellvia aims to commercially launch its digital image analysis solutions in a few weeks, in order to support and accelerate the development of the NASH treatments in pharmaceutical laboratories.


Biocellvia has established scientific collaborations globally with key opinion leaders on this disease. Olivier Julé, Biocellvia’s CEO, proudly states: “We have already put in place two scientific collaborations in Europe and in America. Our partners are two very strong research units. We want our technology to be implicated and indispensible in cutting-edge research on this critical disease”.

In a few short weeks, Biocellvia’s digital images analysis solutions will be able to quantify precisely the efficacy of its customers’ lead molecules. More and more pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechs are dedicating resources to study and investigate the activity of their drug molecules on this pathology, in order to discover and put on the market the first treatment for this fatal illness. Biocellvia’s NASH assay will accelerate preclinical development in laboratories worldwide,  and improve data accuracy. This powerful tool will enable more efficient validation of lead molecules for research programs.


Thanks to Biocellvia’s technology, the first NASH treatment will be brought to market more quickly. Biocellvia has the ambition to improve NASH drug discovery, always bearing in mind the grave implications as a public health issue. More and more countries are affected by this terrible disease directly related to obesity.

I have a background as a researcher academic with more than 30 years of age experience. Professor at the "Mayo Clinic " (USA), I created the company Biocellvia in 2011 with my son Olivier Julé. During the creation of the box, I perceived the power of digital image analysis in the framework of the research, and the interest that they cause.

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