Biocellvia presented a poster at the International Liver Congress

2019 a year full of promise for Biocellvia
For Biocellvia, 2019 is full of promise
février 28, 2019
Scientific publication with Prof. Leclercq
Biocellvia co-signs with Prof. Leclercq a scientific article about its own technology dedicated to NAFLD/NASH
septembre 26, 2019
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Biocellvia presented a poster at the International Liver Congress

EASL International Liver Congress

Follow-up of NAFLD/NASH progression using an automated histological image analysis – Poster at International Liver Congress (EASL)

Biocellvia attended to the International Liver Congress in Vienna from Thursday, April 11. to Saturday, April 13. This congress was organized by EASL : European Association about Study of Liver. This is a key event for pharmaceutical companies interested in liver diseases. So, it was a unique occasion for Biocellvia to meet biotechs, big pharma and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) who work on Non Alcoholic Steato-Hepatitis (NASH) and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Olivier Julé, Biocellvia’s CEO, was present to take part to business meetings. Pr. Yvon Julé, Biocellvia’s Chief Scientific Officer was present too.

Poster at the International Liver Congress

This congress is first a scientific congress so it was important for Biocellvia to show its proof-of-concept to researchers and professors involved on NASH and NAFLD pathologies. Biocellvia was very proud to present a scientific poster co-signed with an academic research team from University of Louvain (UCL) directed by Pr. Isabelle Leclercq. This poster is entitled “Follow-up of NAFLD/NASH progression using an automated histological image analysis”. This poster is issued of a strong collaboration between Biocellvia’s R&D team directed by Pr. Yvon Julé and the lab of Pr. Isabelle Leclercq from UCL (Belgium). This collaboration will succeed in co-signing a scientific article in a leading scientific journal. For Yvon Julé : “this event is one of the major events to discuss about Fatty liver issues worldwide”. In fact, european key opinion leaders on liver diseases were gathered in Vienna during this International Liver Congress organized by the EASL.

Scientific validation of Biocellvia NASH software

This poster co-signed by Pr. Yvon Julé and Pr. leclercq’s research team has been very commented during the ILC 2019. Lots of scientists and biotechs executives have been interested in this new way of evaluating the efficacy of lead molecules. For a biotech CEO : “All of us are thinking to quantification. This is a big issue for pharma leaders. I am very curious about this french technology that enables an automated digital measurement of NASH key parameters”. This poster is in fact the first public scientific validation of Biocellvia’s software dedicated to NASH that is able to quantify automatically without human intervention and on whole liver sections steatosis, fibrosis and inflammation. A full study can be delivered by Biocellvia in a couple of days only. This french healthtech performs histopathology and image analysis as a service so CRO and biotechs pay only the number of images they send.

I have a background as a researcher academic with more than 30 years of age experience. Professor at the "Mayo Clinic " (USA), I created the company Biocellvia in 2011 with my son Olivier Julé. During the creation of the box, I perceived the power of digital image analysis in the framework of the research, and the interest that they cause.

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