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In order to support the international development of Biocellvia, Région Sud Investissement and Europe have granted it a loan of 150K €. This is another proof of confidence in Biocellvia which is an active player in the Biotech ecosystem in the South of France.

avril 23, 2018
Biocellvia will take part to BIO18 : the 2018 BIO International Conference

Biocellvia will be at BIO18

Biocellvia will take part in the 2018 BIO International Convention which will take place in Boston from June 4th to 7th. The BIO International Convention is […]
avril 13, 2018
Biocellvia went to the USA in order to meet its American Market (Boston and San Francisco)

Biocellvia flew to its American market in March 18

Olivier JULE, CEO at Biocellvia, Yvon JULE, CSO at Biocellvia, and Emily FANG, Biocellvia’s business manager flew to the USA on Monday, March 5th. This business […]
avril 13, 2018
Biocellvia gears up for NASH

Biocellvia has begun its NASH assay development

Approximately 20% of the United States population have non-alcoholic fatty liver, and the number of people affected is increasing. In Europe, the population is more and […]

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