Our History

Biocellvia was created in September 2011 by Prof. Yvon Julé and his son Olivier. As early as 2011, they made the following observation: throughout the development cycle of a drug, scientists work from subjective data, in particular for the evaluation of the effectiveness of molecules, which has the direct consequence a high failure rate in the clinical phase.

In order to address this major problem, Biocellvia has developed tests using digital images of histological sections to better assess drug candidates specifically for each pathology. These tests provide scientists with very accurate, precise and reliable data, ideal for informed decision-making.
Building on Professor Yvon Julé’s academic career, renowned universities and researchers have quickly adopted this technology, which allows them to explain and discover new mechanisms, to better understand the evolution of a disease based on extremely robust data, which was not possible with the pathologist’s visual assessment.

Our Ambitions

Biocellvia is a skilled team of biologists and computer scientists who support you in the development of your preclinical and clinical projects using image analysis tools developed inhouse and specific to each pathology.

Biocellvia first worked on supporting non-clinical drug development. We have now been tackling the clinical field as there is a rising unmet need to bring more reliability and objectivity in the assessment of a disease. Better characterizing the disease means better patient’s selection for clinical trials and better assessment of drug efficacy.

Biocellvia is now working to get FDA clearance and is building its framework for being compiant with 13485. MorphoQuant is for research use only.

Our Management Team

Olivier Julé

Private Banker, BNP
Founder, JDR Conseils
(wealth management)

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R&D Director
Cindy Serdjebi

Genoscience Pharma
Manager and Clinical Pharmacologist, DMPK
PhD in Pharmacogenetics, Oncology

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