Yvon Julé speaker at a World Conference dedicated to COPD

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août 31, 2018
Biocellvia ended up successfully a business trip in San Diego
Biocellvia ended up successfully a business trip in san diego
décembre 18, 2018
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Yvon Julé speaker at a World Conference dedicated to COPD

Yvon Julé, Biocellvia’s Chief Scientific Officer was at a World Conference dedicated to COPD in Roma (Italy) from October 22nd to 24th. He was invited as speaker for his works about “Functional and morphological differences of the lung upon acute and chronic ozone exposure in mice”. This issue is both the name of his last scientific article dedicated to COPD. It was published in Scientific Reports (from Nature group) co-signed with Bernhard Ryffel from Inserm.

Biocellvia innovations on COPD

He presented automated, digital and quantitative analysis of pulmonary emphysema realized by Biocellvia. He explained the different steps of our technology (tissue preparation, scanning of slides, and Biocellvia’s digital evaluation). he highlighted the precision and the key parameters of our technology. First, our program detects all pulmonary components and removes automatically large bronchi and vessels. Then, our program quantifies airspace morphometric parameters ans realizes a mapping of airspaces. After this study, our technology delivers raw data, statistical and scientific report without human intervention. We have created a fully automated technology in order to remove any subjective bias.

Conclusions about our technology dedicated to COPD

Our technology has been used in different COPD models. We presented at this conference results from “Elastase mouse model”, “Smoke-exposed mouse model” and “Ozone exposure induced emphysema mouse model”. In order to understand better COPD and to analyze more precisely this pathology, we developed a program specific for Small Airway Remodeling (SAR). This program can quantify morphological parameters only in targeted bronchi.

In conclusion of his presentation, Yvon Julé said that : “Digital imaging analysis provides a reliable quantitative analysis of pulmonary structural changes which, in combination with functional approaches, allows a comprehensive analysis of the effects of molecule candidates. It provides new fundamental morphometric data that cannot be obtained by manual or semi-automatic investigations allowing deeper comprehension of lung structures in relation to respiratory pathologies”. This conclusion highlights that Biocellvia’s technology enables to evaluate your lead molecules with more accuracy and more reliability than traditional methods.

I have a background as a researcher academic with more than 30 years of age experience. Professor at the "Mayo Clinic " (USA), I created the company Biocellvia in 2011 with my son Olivier Julé. During the creation of the box, I perceived the power of digital image analysis in the framework of the research, and the interest that they cause.

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