New scientific article about COPD

Accuracy is a key advantage of our digital image analysis program
Accuracy is a key advantage of our digital image analysis programs
juillet 5, 2018
Biocellvia is a spotlight partner for IPF summit
juillet 25, 2018
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New scientific article about COPD

We are very happy to share with you our last scientific article published in Scientific report, a review from Nature group. This publication deals with « Functional and morphological diferences of the lung upon acute and chronic ozone exposure in mice ». This scientic article confirms the key points of our technology.

Our digital image analysis program dedicated to COPD enables to evaluate the efficacy of lead molecules and the level of severity of the disease at pre-clinical stage. We can measure quantitatively morphologic parameters such as airspaces diameter, airspace density, airspace number and density of parenchymal tissue. This digital quantitative image analysis enables to produce robust datas with more accuracy, with more rapidity and more reliability than scoring methods.

Scientific rticle about COPD co-signed by Yvon Julé in Scientific report by Bertrand on Scribd

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