Biocellvia performs completely automated digital image analysis for preclinical disease models.

With eight years of experience in industry, Biocellvia is an uprising French startup whose proprietary automated image analysis has been rapidly adopted by the pharmaceutical industry. The milestone collaboration and co-publication with Boehringer Ingelheim further validated Biocellvia’s methodology in the pulmonary fibrosis murine model. Then, this intelligent image analysis has been developed for liver fibrosis and NASH models. 

The quality and robustness of the results generated by automated quantification will give you better confidence in your studies, and will help you to bring clearer insights in front of stakeholders. Our technology will free up precious time and resources so you can bring focus back to the Science and accelerate towards the clinic.

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Biocellvia has developed digital image analysis solutions for pre-clinical trials. It’s a new way to elaborate your candidate molecules thanks to machine-learning based programs.




We have developed digital image analysis solutions based on traditional image processing methods and machine-learning in order to evaluate lead molecules during pre-clinical assays.

Conventional methods had major limits and laborious to use. 
I understood straight away the advantage of numerical imaging for the industry. Our proprietary technology is based on machine-learning and fully-automated imaging analysis to optimize compound validation assay. This technology applicable to different pathologies, for a clearer decision-making.

Yvon Jule

This is a breakthrough innovation for pharmaceutical industry.

Our digital technology enables to evaluate candidate molecules during pre-clinical assays. These numerical tests have full benefits :
  • Independent-observer removing any variability
  • Optimal accuracy to get quantitative data
  • Scientific support / follow-up
  • Our technology reduces delays and costs

We use technology to improve the evaluation of molecules’ efficacy. We are your scientific partner. We are biologists first !

Our compound validation assays are machine-learning based programs. We have developed artificial intelligence in order to improve studies’ results in pre-clinical assays. Our tests are fully-automated and independent-observer.

Biocellvia’s approach to machine learning-based image analysis is unique in the industry as a commercial service provider. Our team of biologists and software developers work collaboratively to customize each program based on the specific, relevant biological context through carefully curated pilot studies. Our quantitative image analysis is completely automated and therefore reproducible and precise.  We can perform the image analysis as a service on a needs basis.

The aim is to improve the accuracy and reliability of scientists’ analysis and as a result your decision-making while respecting specific processes.

Biocellvia news

juillet 6, 2020

Diet Reversal and Immune Modulation Show Key Role for Liver and Adipose Tissue T Cells in Murine Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

In this article, we show a critical role for differentially active T-cell subsets in visceral adipose tissue and liver in the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis using […]
novembre 21, 2019
Toward a reader-independent IPF histological analysis

Toward a reader-independent IPF histological analysis

The quantification of histological features of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) from human lung biopsies or rodent models relies upon a scoring evaluation established over thirty years […]

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